Frequently Asked Questions

How can this work if my spouse does not listen to me and we cannot talk about anything?

Learning new skills and breaking old patterns can be uncomfortable at first. A Divorce Coach can help both of you learn the communication skills you need in order to work with each other effectively. The Collaborative team will structure the contact between you and your spouse to promote good communication and to make sure no one manipulates or controls anyone else constructive, respectful communication underpins a durable, fair outcome. Your individual Attorney will help you identify and communicate your needs and interests effectively to the entire team so they can be addressed in your settlement process.

I think this is what I want to do, but how do I get the other person to participate?

What if my spouse is abusive or abuses drugs and alcohol?

Can we agree to anything we want?

Will we still have to go to court?

How much does a collaborative divorce cost?

What is IACP and Should I use an attorney who has not been trained?

Is collaborative law just like mediation?

Is collaborative practice only for divorce?