Washington Collaborative Law
Social Media Outreach Campaign

It is finally happening!

Collaborative Professionals of Washington and King County Collaborative Law have joined forces to create a state-wide social media campaign.  Utilizing Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, we will get the word out about Collaborative Law across Washington State.  We all benefit from getting the word out.

Please help support this effort by funding the project via PayPal. Once you click on the PayPal link, click Send and then follow the instructions. If you prefer to pay via check, contact Tim Peterson. (Note, this is not a tax deductible donation.)

We also need help sharing information about Collaborative Law. Please provide your social media information below so we all can get connected. We will share this information with fellow Collaborative professionals in order to expand our social media reach.

Be on the lookout for emails with additional information and trainings on how to set up, use, and connect through social media.

Please contact Tim Peterson and Leslie Blankman for more information.