Kevin Scudder

Sudden Passing of Kevin Scudder

The Board of the Collaborative Professionals of Washington joins the Collaborative community in mourning the sudden passing of Kevin Scudder.

Kevin had a personal motto:  “Peacemaking.  Let it begin with me.”  When it came to this, Kevin not only talked the talk, he walked the walk.  Kevin was a driving force in establishing and sustaining Seattle’s Collaborative community and Collaborative practice statewide.  In addition to helping hundreds of families navigate the end of their marriage and the transition to a new family unit, Kevin’s generosity with his time and knowledge in mentoring many Collaborative attorneys, financial neutrals, and coaches was unbounded.  The chasm of loss that Kevin’s death has left is deep but Kevin would not have wanted us to sit by in our grief; he would have wanted us all to continue his legacy of bringing peacemaking to the world.

Kevin is survived by his wife and two daughters who were by his side the entire time, but still found the strength to provide the Collaborative community with updates, for which we are all eternally grateful.

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