Alexandra Moore-Wulsin

Family Law Attorney, Mediator


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Changes in relationships are stressful as the relationship ends, but the change need not create the chronic and permanent stress that longitudinal studies demonstrate causes emotional harm and social, behavioral, and academic risks for minor children. I am committed to a practice where legal trauma is not inflicted on top of personal trauma. Regardless of the change in your family, be it marriage, adoption, guardianship, or any other change which alters the legal rights between family members, I assist individuals to make these transitions while maintaining the focus on a positive future, and I do so while emphasizing and actively working to reduce harmful conflict.

As an attorney in practice since 1987, I have the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to help clients to guide clients whose families are undergoing a change in their relationship status, whether it is marriage, adoption, or divorce. I work with my clients to identify the long-term goals and objectives. These become their beacons as they navigate these relationship changes. I find doing so preserves dignity in relationships in transition, decreases damaging conflict, and models respect to other family members also experiencing the change. I assist clients in reaching an enduring settlement, one to which my client can say, "Yes." Having litigated since 1987 and collaborated since 2008, I have a keen insight into the pros and cons of the myriad of dispute resolution models and help my clients chose the one, be it collaboration, mediation, or litigation, best suited for that client's unique circumstances. Civility is a core tenet in my practice.

I have worked with couples with and without children, and I have worked with the family business owner, the salaried employee, the employee with stock award benefits, the professional, the stay-at-home parent, the self-employed individual and more. Let's talk about the unique circumstances of your life's change.


J.D. - Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College - 1987 |
International Academy of Collaborative Professionals - 2007 to present |
King County Collaborative Law - 2007 to present (past Board member and past President) |
King County Bar Association |
Washington State Bar Association |