Alexandra Keller

Family Law Attorney


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Holman Cahill Garrett Ives Oliver & Andersen PLLC

5507 - 35th Ave NE

Seattle, Washington 98105

I offer a Collaborative approach for clients seeking clarity and empathy as they participate in their divorce process (or other family law process). Clients will gain strength, direction, and compassion with my representation. I work in a Collaborative team-based model, so that my clients receive the benefit of a divorce process that is legally, financially, and emotionally informed and supported. Along with the other skilled professionals in my Collaborative cases, I help clients identify the interests underlying their divorce and explore creative solutions that meet the needs and interests of both spouses or parties. This process helps to facilitate long-term, lasting agreements and more secure resolution for changing families. I invite my clients to meaningfully engage with their divorce process (or other family law process, such as pre/postnuptial agreements), so that they are more informed about, invested in, and responsible for what are, ultimately, their own outcomes.

I am also dedicated to a employing a Collaborative approach in my other areas of practice. In my estate planning work and as I assist clients in building their families through adoption or other assisted reproduction technologies, I see the tangible difference for my clients as I employ a Collaborative approach in these areas as well.


WSBA member since 2005; Seattle University J.D. (2005); Vanderbilt University (2000); King County Prosecutor's Office from 2005-2012; Holman Cahill PLLC 2012 - present. Collaborative Law Training (2015); Dispute Resolution Center of King Co Mediation Training (2016). Fellow of the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys (AAAA). Oregon State Bar Member; King County Bar Association Member.