Theresa Springer

Financial Specialist


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Movement Mortgage, LLC NMLS 39179

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Theresa believes that divorcing partners deserve to be better served than the status quo and she also believes that divorcing partners in general are being underserved by the mortgage industry. This is why Theresa became a Certified Divorce Lending Professional, CDLP®. Theresa has specialized in divorce mortgage planning and analyzing the different pieces of the divorce for years and how the different pieces will affect the future mortgage financing. It is her passion and she feels a strong responsibility to educate and enable divorcing partners to make the most informed decisions regarding their home equity solutions. Being involved at the beginning of the divorce process, Theresa brings a different perspective to the divorce team, by helping to identify any potential conflicts between the divorce settlement, the mortgage, and the real property. When she is brought at the beginning of the process, Theresa will provide the divorce team with a detailed Divorce Mortgage Planning Report for either one spouse or both. This tool can be crucial to the success of the post-divorce success of homeownership.
In working with her clients, she helps provide peace of mind through their divorce and navigating the separation of their real property and post-divorce success of home ownership whether that is maintaining the marital home or the financing of a new home purchase.
When faced with a divorce, financing a home can become complicated. A regular mortgage lender can be doing more harm than good, as a COLP®, Theresa looks at the whole picture to help a client prepare for life after divorce. Ideally, you should get Theresa involved in the divorce process as soon as possible to come up with a plan that is in your best interest and prevent any unnecessary headaches with mortgage financing.


Certified Divorce Lending Professional®
Collaboratively Trained Financial Specialist
NMLS 70667