Karen Bonnell



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Karen Bonnell, ARNP, MS

4040 Lake Washington Blvd NE, Suite 300

Kirkland, Washington

Karen has extensive experience working with families -- and over 10 years, she has been coaching families as they move from a "one-home" to a "two-home-family". She provides psycho-educational information to assist parents in supporting their children through what can be very difficult, but "growth-producing" change. She provides emotional & strategic guidance to create the best parenting plan possible. She helps spouses navigate the difficult emotional terrain of separating and re-forming new relationships for a strong and constructive future. Karen also assists with the transition from co-parents to stepparents. She guides adults into successful parenting coalitions when new members are added to a family group.

Karen works both face-to-face and through phone conferencing for coaching, mediation, and conflict resolution services.


Board Certified in Adult Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing; Licensed in the State of Washington as an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner. Compassionate Listening Trainer Karen is a regular provider of professional continuing education to both health care and legal professionals. Karen is the author of "The Co-Parenting Handbook: Raising Well-Adjusted, Resilient Kids from Little Ones to Young Adults through Divorce or Separation." She is also the author of "The Parenting Plan Workbook" with Felicia Malby Soleil, JD. On line, you will find "Kids First" coaching seminars on developing a strong child-centered parenting plan on YouTube. And, lastly, "The Stepfamily Handbook: From Dating, to Getting Serious, to Forming a 'Blended Family'" with Patricia Papernow, EdD.